The Photo Shoot Lounge is an elegant and modern photo booth company committed to delivering an exceptional photo booth experience. We offer a seriously fun, classy, engaging photo booth, with an emphasis on exceptional images, expertly attended by a professional photographer. Quality lighting, lenses, printer, backdrops and cameras are used to provide you with excellent image and print quality. The photo lounge is our sole focus, so you can be assured of an outstanding overall experience. The Photo Shoot Lounge has a minimal, slick, and non-intrusive design, that can be set up almost anywhere. It is a classy, upscale alternative to inflatables, tents or cramped tiny mall/arcade style booths. We offer an elegant drape and pole curtain enclosure, backdrop only, or an open style set-up with no enclosure. All styles can accommodate the desired large group shots and I can zoom in to fill the frame for couples or individual shots. Great attention to detail, from camera placement, lighting and software has been incorporated into our designs to ensure you and your guests will have photos and priceless memories that will last a lifetime!

Adam W. Leach

Owner, The Photo Shoot Lounge LLC